Building a family house in a few days? Or an office building in a few weeks? Want to reduce construction costs by half?

The use of 3D printing in the construction industry is a rapidly developing field which brings unprecedented possibilities to builders and investors. 3D printing is setting new construction trends, which are unattainable with traditional building methods. World statistics show that using 3D printing results in a cost reduction as high as 50-70% compared to traditional methods. Thanks to this, 3D printing has high potential to occupy an important place on the construction technology market in the future.

Among notable indicators which unambiguously support 3D printing are not only time savings as a result of the technological device’s continuous operation, but also the cutting of costs, which stems from the reduction in the share of human labour. The high rate of recycled material use alongside the optimal system of its utilisation with a minimal share of waste contribute to the low cost of this solution. The unlimited variability of shapes of the resulting buildings and their highly individualised designs are another attractive parameter of 3D printing.

Thanks to Q Space, our technological device, you can be part of this innovative revolution as well.

3D printing technology brings new reality. Low-cost buildings with optimal energy efficiency and unlimited freedom of design...


Using 3D printing
technology and our
special 3D construction
we can SAVE:

Q Space is a proprietary solution for 3D printing of projects with volatile shapes. This device, which only weighs 250kg and is made of our special carbon material, is able to build an entire building within a few days. Its transport is very easy, since the whole device can fit into a van and its installation at the designated place only requires three people.

Q Space can operate in an area of 0.4-12m with a 360° rotational radius. It has no limits in terms of the height of the construction.

The basic input material used in 3D construction is special lightweight concrete, weighing only 766kg/m3, which contributes to the reduction of material and logistics costs as well as to the protection of the environment. But that’s not the end of the savings. Thanks to the excellent insulation properties of the input material, your building will be efficient with regards to the use of all energy resources and environmentally friendly throughout all its life cycle, i.e., not only during the construction process, but also during its use, as well as in case of its renovation or removal.

This simple and light device can be yours, too. As part of our serial production, we will manufacture a printing construction arm, which will be immediately ready to bring your construction projects to life and you can instantly start making a profit from the unique possibilities it offers.

Regardless of whether you’re a local construction company or an international one, cost savings and the rate of profitability are always among the basic attributes for evaluating the cost benefit of your building project. Robotic construction is becoming more and more attractive for construction companies and developers alike, not to mention architects, to whom it provides limitless possibilities for design creation. And once this synergy is complemented by intensely positive environmental aspect, the choice is clear.

If you are still hesitating, come and see our functional Q Space demonstration prototype in the scale of 1:10.

Join this innovative revolution in the construction industry.
Become a creator of harmony between architecture, man, and nature.

The speed and quality of construction typically depend on the availability of a qualified workforce and weather conditions. That does not need to limit you anymore.

All you need to do is to install Q Space on a day when the weather forecast is favourable and you can build a whole house in just 3 days. Moreover, you will only need 3 people to do so.

Not only does Q Space rid you of all physically challenging manual labour, it also offers unlimited possibilities in terms of the final shape of the building. Whether you decide for a standard home, an object of complicated shapes, or a designer house, Q Space will make it both possible and affordable.

Fast construction and financial cost reduction are just some of the benefits that come with robotic construction. However, it becomes a necessity especially in places where natural or human disasters have caused people to lose their homes. It can also be used in regions where standard construction methods fail to meet the growing demand for new living spaces.

Q Space is your chance to build unique architectural projects in a short time.
. . .
Q Space is a simple way to a new home.
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Q Space is an attractive opportunity to start building houses in an entirely different way.
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