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Quadron 3D® - the unique and huge 3D printing

About us

We have started R&D in 2013. And the result - One of the biggest 3D printers in the World. We´re the team of passionate people, whose believe in future of a great technology of 3D printing. The 3D printers QUADRON 3D® are just the beginning.


What is new in our house?

Multifunctional heating head - extruder

Special carbon case, that can handle various high temperatures. Other adjustments that make it possible to print with many different materials - PLA, PETG, ABS, PVA, Carbon, Flexi,... and print for a very, very long time…

Quadron3D® 1001 new design

We have modified design of our the biggest 3D printer not only for better look, but for possible of our serial production also. Quadron3D® 1001 is still very functional, light, reliable and endurance 3D printer.

New corner with metalic look

The new and the very estetics corners of our 3D printers make our 3D printers more beautiful and representaive. The corner, a base of our design, is plastics, but looks like from metal and his properties are similar like of metal. Therfore your future 3D printer Quadron3D®1001 would by stable, but still very light.

Quadron3D® 500 – the last member of the Family of 3D printers Quadron3D®

We have completed the family of our 3D printers Quadron3D® by middle-size printer Quadron3D®500. Printing size is 500 x 500 x 500 mm, so it´s among to the bigger kind of 3D printers. Let´s try it!



Quadron3D® 1001

Is the biggest office 3D printer in the World. Quadron3D® 1001 has a printing volume of one cubic meter, and the weight of this printer is only 50 kilograms. Therofore you can easily move it from one place to another.

Price: 20.000€ without VAT

What can you print on it?
Actually everything-look at photos

How our 3D printers work

Hopping extruder

Computer modeling of Quadron3D® 1001 printer

Large scale printing - sculpture of Jiří Wolker

Quadron3D® 1001 printer - mounting

Printing of thermoisolating stool

Media & Press

Urbanfest, Postova, Bratislava 29.9.2018
Urbansummit, Austria Trend, Bratislava 28.9.2018
Science park, UK Bratislava 25.9.2018
International engineering fair 2018, Agrokomplex Nitra 22.5.-25.5.2018
Saudi Arabia 24.4.-26.4.2018
FINexpo, Crowne Plaza, Bratislava 16.11.2017
Startup or shutdown, DoubleTree Hilton, Bratislava 10.10.2017
Radio Aktual 9.7.2017
International engineering fair, Agrokomplex Nitra 23.5.-26.5.2017
Smart City 360°, International Summit, Hotel Sorea, Bratislava 22.11.-24.11.2016
SME Assembly, Incheba, Bratislava 22.11.-23.11.2016
Enterprise Europe Network, Refinery Gallery, Bratislava 14.11.-16.11.2016
RE-Industrialisation of the EU, Incheba, Bratislava 26.10.-28.10.2016
IoT Austria Trend, Bratislava 7.7.-8.7.2016
Construction Conference, DoubleTree Hilton, Bratislava 9.2.2016


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